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Advice issued to drivers to take extra care on icy roads

We are advising drivers to take extra care on untreated roads during the current icy and snowy spell. Since the start of the week, there have been some very cold conditions across Staffordshire. The ground temperature has been around freezing or below and is likely to continue for the rest of the week. In order to ensure you protect yourselves and other road users from the impact of icy roads, we suggest that you:

  • Avoid driving if weather conditions are extreme

  • If you must drive, plan regular breaks and ensure the correct tyres are fitted before setting off

  • Clear your car of ice and snow, including the windscreen, rear window, wing mirrors and roof, before driving

  • Take an emergency snow kit with you, this should include: jump leads, a shovel, ice scraper, first aid kit, warm clothing, torch, food and water, sturdy boots or wellingtons and a mobile phone and charger.

  • Clear ice or snow completely from windows, mirrors and lights before you set off

  • Always make sure the windscreen washer fluid is topped up

  • Always remember to wear your seatbelt.

Simon England, Prevent Delivery Lead at Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We continually work with our partners including the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership to do all we can to keep people safe on our roads, including pedestrians, drivers and cyclists, but it’s really important you stay alert and do your bit to protect yourself and others from the potential consequences of travelling during these freezing weather conditions. “You may be travelling on a perfectly good stretch of road with no obvious wet or icy area, then go around a bend to be confronted with a large wet area caused by ‘run off’ water from a field or moor. “This, coupled with the cold weather and wind chill, will make that piece of road very dangerous for vehicles and could cause a serious road traffic collision. “There would be no warning if you were going to come across this – so please stay vigilant, drive responsibly and report any concerns to us.” For more safety advice visit: Driving safely in the winter (


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