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Annual Town Meeting for Congleton – Tuesday 17 May

Congleton people are invited to the Annual Town Meeting which will take place in Congleton Town Hall on Tuesday 17 May 2022. Doors open at 6.30pm for an opportunity to view the displays from local groups and organisations. Proceedings will start promptly at 7.00pm. This is not a council meeting but an opportunity for the people of Congleton to make comments or ask questions about any aspect of town life. The meeting must be held before the end of May each year.

The meeting will be chaired by the Town Mayor, who will open the meeting with a summary of what has been achieved in the past year. There will be presentations on:

· Community Governance Boundary Review

· Household Waste Recycling

· Congleton Neighbourhood Plan

· Support for Ukraine

The presentations will be followed by a question and answer session on the items for discussion, and then an open session where anyone can ask questions and raise issues that concern Congleton. If you wish to speak about an item, it would be helpful if you could submit your question or comment in advance to Congleton Town Council either by post to the Town Hall, High Street, CW12 1BN email ( or telephone (01260 270350). Please give your name, address and contact details, specifying if you prefer to ask your question in person or have it read out. Questions may need to limited to fit with the available time. The meeting is expected to close at 8.30pm.

Chief Officer, David McGifford said: “The Annual Town Meeting is a great chance for local people to get together and raise questions about issues affecting the town. It is not a council meeting, and any councillors attending have the same rights as everyone else in the room. Issues raised in the meeting will be picked up by the council or forwarded to the appropriate organisation for consideration. I hope that many Congleton residents and representatives from local organisations will take the time to attend.”


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