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Arts activities launched for Cheshire East young people this summer

Cheshire East Council is teaming up with some expert providers this summer to offer new courses offering valuable skills to young people.

Funding has been secured to allow Mako Create to run three different courses all offering a range of creative, technology-based workshops that cover the three e’s: being exciting, engaging and educational!

For a five-week period over the summer, the council will host three programmes as part of the Creative Careers in Crewe project – the courses being on animation, film-making and graphic design. The programmes are being run for three separate age groups: 11-13s, 14-17s and 18-25s. Participants will receive a £25 Amazon voucher for completing their course.

Councillor Nick Mannion, chair of Cheshire East Council’s economy and growth committee, said: It’s been a really tough academic year for all our children and young people, so it’s very positive to be providing an opportunity for them to learn some new skills, especially ones that will be very appealing to them.

“We’ve partnered with this provider for a while now and we know that the courses offered are ones that those attending will really get a lot from. The courses will continue to run online for the time being, which actually will allow more of our borough’s young people to get involved.”

Please encourage young people to sign up for the Mako Create courses.

The events start on Monday 26 July.

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