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Caution urged as more areas see sharp rises in cases

Staffordshire people are being urged to continue to try and halt the increase of Covid-19 cases in the county.

Uttoxeter is the latest area to see a sharp rise in cases, with more than 70 reported in the past week. Lichfield is also beginning to see a rise while cases in the neighbouring district of Tamworth hit a record high last week.

The spread of infection seems to be occurring largely among the teenage and young adult population in these areas, with the majority of cases being associated with transmission in schools and people gathering to watch football matches in pubs and bars during Euro 2020.

Cabinet Support Member for Public Health and Integrated Care, Dr Johnny McMahon, spoke of the need to get control of the virus ahead of the proposed lifting of all restrictions by the government on 19 July.

Johnny said: “While it’s looking likely that the government will proceed with the final step of their roadmap from lockdown in two weeks, this virus still poses a threat and we cannot just let it run wild in our communities.

“For the next two weeks we need to try and keep the virus under control whilst we continue to vaccinate younger adults. Please continue to follow the rules and guidance to reduce the spread of infection. Always observe social distancing and gathering limits when mixing with those outside of your household, get tested regularly to check you’re not carrying the virus and get vaccinated as soon as you can.” The Prime Minister is due to give a briefing today and announce whether the lifting of the remaining Covid-19 restrictions in England will go ahead on 19 July.

More information on restrictions, testing and vaccination can be found


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