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Changes made to Congleton paddling pool bookings

Officers at Congleton Town Council have noted the comments being made from paddling pool users with regards to the operating procedures.

To clarify the situation, the Town Council’s Chief Officer, David McGifford said: “The capacity of the pool which is set at 140 people for each of the two sessions was determined following an external health and safety review of the pool area, it has nothing to do with Covid. It is obvious that the demand is greater than the capacity and having elongated queues along Park Road is not an option, once again viewed upon health and safety as well as the impact on local residents and the safety of users. The booking system is in place to avoid these queues and to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for families, however we are experiencing a significant issue with no shows.

From the 27 May through to 7 June, there were 2513 bookings, however 934 did not turn up, which is 37.2%.

It is vital that people who book and then can’t make it cancel their booking before the session starts so that their places can be reallocated. The process is simple, but many people have chosen to ignore it.”

Having reviewed how the council can improve matters, they will be introducing 3 x 2 hour slots each day the pool is open, rather than 2 x 3 hour slots.  This will provide an extra 140 spaces for residents and visitors to book each day. This will be put in place and available to book online from 21 June 2023.

In the meantime the council will be reinforcing the message about cancelling if people cannot make it, as well as looking at ways to block consistent offenders. If everyone did this, it would dramatically change the situation.

The pool is currently open Wednesday to Sunday, but will be open seven days a week from 24 July  until Sunday 3 September 2023. Book via: or


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