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Cheshire East Crowd #CheshireEastCrowd

Great ideas created by the community, for the community. Pitch your project by 23rd March 2022.

Created by Cheshire East Council. Powered by Spacehive.

Cheshire East is a fabulous place to live, work and visit, but together we can make it even better. #CheshireEastCrowd is a crowdfunding initiative to encourage, support and create community projects that will make a difference. You could decide to turn a little patch of waste ground into a wildlife haven, set up free and inclusive local sports activities, or turn an unloved building into a community space. In fact, we welcome any brilliant brainwaves that will benefit your local community. No idea is too big, or too small. It could be a way to combat climate change, or a quick win that will reduce local carbon emissions – whatever sparks your imagination.

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Funds & Support Cheshire East Council uses Spacehive to help you create, fund and deliver your project idea. Start a project on Spacehive now to tap into support from us and others. Cheshire East Crowd Fund £100,000 fund We could pledge up to £ 10,000 towards your project Create A Project to be matched to this fund It's not just us supporting projects. Plus Dane Housing are active too. See all funds and support

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