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Congleton town council working to find solution if Arriva busses finish in Cheshire

Folllowing the announcement from Arriva north west about closing two depots And discontinuing routes across Cheshire Councillors and officers from Congleton town council are working to create provisions for local people. D&G busses that operate throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire have said they intend to cover as much of the Arriva network as it can if the closure goes ahead.

Congleton town council said

"With Cheshire East already known for having one of the lowest levels of bus use in the UK, the announcement that Arriva is consulting on closing its Winford and Macclesfield bus depots, and so potentially losing 13 key bus routes, including the Arriva 38 Macclesfield to Crewe via Congleton route, has caused alarm. Councillors and Officers from Congleton Town Council are in contact with CEC and will be speaking with other towns and parishes. D&G commercial director said this afternoon that they intend to step in and cover as much of the Arriva network as it can, if Arriva pull out. D&G already operate a 38 service between Macclesfield and Crewe. We know this service is essential for many people travelling to schools, colleges, work, hospitals, visiting friends and family and to get to services only offered in the borough’s two largest towns"

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