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Council film highlights life-changing careers in adult social care

Cheshire East Council has launched a short film in a bid to recruit more workers into a career in adult social care.

The film features real people who work in care, talking about the benefits of working in the sector, such as flexibility, job security, training and career progression.

Andrea, a social care assessor, said: “I like working in adult social care because it’s leaving every day knowing that you’ve changed someone’s life.”

Ju, a support worker, said: “Being able to give kindness and caring is why I like working in adult social care.”

There are vacancies for many different roles across Cheshire East, open to people of all backgrounds and at different levels. Experience of working in care is not necessary – but having strong values and caring about people is essential. Help is also on offer with the application process.

Adult social care is a growing sector. In the next ten years, it is predicted that Cheshire East will see significant increases in the number of people aged over 65 and dramatic increases in the number of people aged over 85. The growing and ageing population means more people need health and care support.

Councillor Jill Rhodes, chair of the adults and health committee at Cheshire East Council, said: “The last 18 months have really highlighted the incredible contribution that people working in social care make to our communities. They have helped people through Covid, with all the challenges that the pandemic has brought, for both individuals in need and their families.

“Staff who work in adult social care have never been more valued and the council and our partners in care are seeking to recruit more people to the profession. Our residents have told us overwhelmingly that they want help to be healthy and independent in later life. For most people that means being able to stay in their own home.

“Our priority is to ensure that people are supported by a professional and caring workforce and that our most vulnerable people live safely and maintain their independence within their communities.

“There are many benefits to working in the service, including job security, flexibility, training and a structured career pathway. We are looking to recruit staff from all backgrounds, you don’t have to have experience – all we ask is that you have strong values and care about people. Now more than ever, we need kind, compassionate, caring people to come and work in social care.”

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