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County council steps up its road repair programme

Nearly 13,000 potholes on roads, pavements and cycle lanes have been repaired by Staffordshire County Council already this year, following an extra £15.5 million investment into road maintenance.


Since announcing the extra investment in April, crews across the county have been out and about repairing as many defects as possible.


Crews have been taking advantage of quieter roads and are on track to repair 2,560 defects this month alone.


Around 47,500 metres worth of potholes have been repaired this year in total, the same as the length of 452 football pitches.


This year, the county council has ploughed a further £15.5 million into Staffordshire’s roads, with £5.2 million of this going towards resurfacing eight major gateways into the county.


The money is on top of a £50 million investment in major projects, maintenance, and local improvements.


County Councillor David Williams, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport said: “The extra investment is really starting to make a difference to the county’s roads. Our crews have been taking advantage of the dry conditions and quieter roads to repair as many potholes as they can on our roads, pavements, and cycle lanes.


“Around 50% of all our defects are potholes, but crews are also out and about repairing kerbs, cleaning gullies, replacing manholes and carrying out other maintenance such as grass cutting and surface dressing.


“Good roads are important to everyone, which is why our crews will be pulling out all the stops over the coming weeks to ensure we repair as many defects as possible.”

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