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Crewe man gets 44 weeks

A Crewe man has been jailed after admitting shoplifting and breaching his Criminal Behaviour Order.

Nigel Dunn, 42, of Fanshawe Walk, Crewe, appeared at West Cheshire Magistrates Court on 4 June charged with five counts of shoplifting which occurred between 17 May and 3 June. He was sentenced to 44 weeks in prison, eight of which were from a suspended sentence given at a hearing in May for breaching his Criminal Behaviour Order by shoplifting.

Dunn was arrested by officers at 11.42am on 3 June in Crewe town centre as he left Boots with a quantity of stolen items.

Sergeant Dan Welch said: “Dunn is a prolific shoplifter who gave scant regard for his CBO and was in clear breach by being in Market Centre on 3 June. He targeted a number of shops stealing around £651.99 worth of goods, despite being under the threat of going to jail if he breached his CBO and his suspended sentence for previous shoplifting offences.

“The impact of shoplifting on businesses should not be underestimated and we recognise we need to tackle it head on by being present in our communities ready to act.

“Working with our local businesses we were able to secure a conviction against Dunn and will continue to work closely with our business community to try and prevent crime and support staff with what can be quite distressing situations, especially if they deal with the shoplifter when a crime is in progress.”

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