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Dame Karen Bradley MP Column 11.03.24

Many readers will have seen the green Moorlands Connect buses driving through our towns and villages but may not be aware of exactly what they are, how they work and who can benefit from them. As my Year of Reasons to Visit the Moorlands initiative continues, this week I am delighted to be focusing on this wonderful service.

Moorlands Connect is a demand responsive bus service which operates in the area between Buxton, Leek and Ashbourne. People can book a time, either through an app or telephone call, up to 28 days in advance and arrange a pick up and drop off from a location that suits them.

Anyone can access the service and I know that it is utilised by many residents in our more isolated communities, people who regularly commute between our towns for work and those travelling into the hills for leisure amongst manyothers.

It is easy to see why the service is so popular as it offers wonderful value with single trips of any distance only costing £3.50 and additional offers beingavailable for groups and more frequent travellers.

I recently went on a trip on Moorlands Connect and it was great to hear how the buses provide a vital lifeline for many people who don’t have cars, and also how it helps to keep our rural communities connected.

Moorlands Connect is also a brilliant option for those of us who love walking in the hills, as it can remove all the stress of trying to park in the busy summer months by dropping you off and collecting you at location and time of your choice.

Moorlands Connect really is a fantastic service that we are lucky to have and that is why this week it is my Reason to Visit the Moorlands.


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