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Fines for illegal dumping increased as two residents receive criminal records for refusing to pay

Increased fines are set to be introduced as the crackdown on illegal dumping across the city continues.In line with the Government announcement in July 2023, Stoke-on-Trent City Council is one of the first Councils to increase its charges for environmental crime fixed penalty notices.


From Monday January 8, fines will increase to a maximum of £1000.These changes will include:


  • Fly tipping from a domestic property: £500 (formerly £400)

  • Fly tipping from a motor vehicle: £1,000 (formerly £400)

  • Fly tipping from a commercial business: £1,000 (formerly £400)

  • Litter or graffiti from a domestic person: £200 (formerly £80)

  • Litter or graffiti from a commercial business: £500 (formerly £80)

  • Household duty of care: £600 (formerly £400)


Council leaders have welcomed these new powers, councillor Amjid Wazir, cabinet member for city pride, enforcement and sustainability said: “We previously pledged to clear grot spots across the city and worked with communities to educate residents on the correct ways to dispose of their waste.

“We have all the amenities available to help residents and businesses dispose of waste correctly, and we see no excuse for this moving forward. The challenge is not unique to Stoke-on-Trent, but the determination to something about it is, and I hope the increased penalty notices will discourage any future cases of illegal dumping as the message cannot be clearer: ‘there is no place for illegal dumping in our towns’.”

These new increased charges follow on from a hugely successful 100-day campaign in the summer to clear up the city. The campaign focused on educating residents on the best methods to dispose of their waste and highlighted enforcement action on those that don’t.


To date, enforcement officers have issued 912 fixed penalty notices where evidence was found. So far 523 payments have been made and any that remain unpaid are being investigated. Where investigations meet evidential and public interest, they will proceed to court action. In recent weeks the council has received two successful prosecutions in court for illegal dumping where fines remained unpaid.


Benjamin Kenny was found guilty of illegally dumping waste in the Longton area of the city and was sentenced to a fine, victim surcharge, and additional costs.  Another resident, Troy Ramshaw plead guilty to dumping waste illegally in the Berdmore Street area of Fenton and has been sentenced to a 12-month conditional discharge, victim surcharge, and additional costs.


Councillor Amjid Wazir, cabinet member for city pride, enforcement and sustainability advised: “When we said we are taking a zero-tolerance to those who continue to blight our city, we meant it. Where evidence has been found, people have been fined, and when they don’t pay they are taken to court. These two residents now have a criminal record for pure laziness!“We hope these successful prosecutions will act as a deterrent for those considering illegally dumping in our towns. We will continue to remain vigilant, and those caught illegally dumping rubbish in our towns will be fined.”


To report any incidents of illegal dumping visit:

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