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Fourth Leek school linked to variant

A fourth school in Leek has been found to have cases linked to an outbreak of the Delta Covid-19 variant.

Westwood First School has recorded 5 positive coronavirus cases, two of which are strongly suspected to be a Variant of Concern, although this has not yet been confirmed.

These cases are now isolating, and their contacts have been traced and advised.

The total cases related to this outbreak stands at 85. 41 of these are suspected to be a Variant of Concern, with 24 of these so far being confirmed as the Delta variant.

The increase in cases has come after a testing push in the area, which has seen around 2,000 people get tested in the town. Testing is still taking place in Leek, including the former Leek Britannia HQ (Newton House).

Vaccinations are also now open to people who are 18+ and live in Leek, or attends or works in a Leek school. People can find out more about testing and vaccination on the council website

Dr Richard Harling, Director for Health and Care at Staffordshire County Council said: “The sharp increase in cases is testament to how many people have come out for testing in Leek over the last 5 days, but also is a stark reminder of how quickly this particular variant can spread. Total coronavirus cases in some areas of Leek are now the highest in the West Midlands region.

“We’re doing everything we can to stop the spread of this variant in the community, and have so far seen an excellent response to our call for people to get tested. I would urge anyone in Leek who hasn’t already had a PCR test to get one as soon as possible, as this will help us determine what strain we are dealing with, and allows us to take enhanced steps to stop the spread.

“I would also ask people in Leek who are eligible for the vaccine to take up the offer. We must continue doing everything we can to stop the spread and bring down cases in the town.”


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