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Friends of Hillfields Spring into Action

In a concerted effort to protect and enhance the natural beauty of Hillfields, a dedicated group of community members has come together under the banner of ‘Friends of Hillfields.’ Committed to fostering a sense of community and environmental responsibility, the group actively engages in projects aimed at preserving and enhancing the Hillfields green space.

The Friends of Hillfields group convenes regularly to discuss initiatives that will contribute to the betterment of the area. Their primary focus lies on conservation efforts and improving the biodiversity of the Hillfields green space. By undertaking these initiatives, the group aspires to create an environment that can be appreciated by all residents and passersby alike.

Lorraine Poyser, Chair of Friends of Hillfields said: “The group is dedicated to enriching the green space for people and nature. We want to make the Hillfields site a haven for biodiversity and a source of inspiration for the community. By documenting the plants and animals in the area, we aim to raise awareness about the richness of our local environment.”

“Our next initiative is a community litter pick scheduled for Saturday 24 February at 10:30am. Residents of all ages and abilities are invited to come along, we welcome previous litter pickers and look forward to meeting new volunteers too! People can do as little or as much as they can. No experience is necessary, just turn up and grab a litter picker! Participants are invited to gather at the top gate of Hillfields, ready to make the area cleaner and greener!”

The group has already made tangible strides in their mission. A recent work group meeting saw members actively participating in a litter cleanup drive, accompanied by the installation of bird boxes and bat boxes to encourage local wildlife.

For further information, please contact Lorraine Poyser, Chair of Friends of Hillfields via email:


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