Good News for the bees!

Biddulph Town Council are allowing the grass to grow a little longer at Biddulph's Woodhouse burial ground this year so the clover can grow through and help to support the huge number of bees in the area.

The council says "We are enjoying the huge numbers of bees that are currently at the Woodhouse Burial Ground."

"We usually mow this area every couple of weeks, but we're going to let it grow just a little bit longer while they enjoy the clover."

they finished by saying "Normal service will resume soon!"

The soil association say that bee numbers are falling across the world and there isn’t one single cause to blame but there are three significant threats that stand out:

  • pesticides,

  • the varroa mite and

  • habitat loss

So its great news for the bees that Biddulph Town Council have decided to delay cutting this year.

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