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Gritting crews work around the clock over the weekend to help keep county on the move

Staffordshire’s army of gritters were out in force across the county during the weekend as strong winds, snow and freezing temperatures hit the region.

Crews supported by hill contractors battled snow drifts of up to four feet in the Staffordshire Moorlands, with snowploughs and snow blowers all in action to help keep roads clear. Freezing conditions across other parts of the county also saw both day and night crews in action throughout the weekend.

The county’s highways teams were also kept busy during Friday night and Saturday dealing with numerous fallen trees blocking roads caused by Storm Arwen.

With temperatures expected to remain low for some of the week and a risk of ice on the roads, drivers are being reminded to take particular care when out.

David Williams, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at Staffordshire County Council said: “This was an incredibly busy weekend for our gritting crews and hill contractors who have been working around the clock since Friday evening to help keep the roads clear. It was all hands on deck, in what was extremely challenging conditions, with all available resources being deployed, including snow ploughs, tractor ploughs and all our gritters.

“As expected, the higher ground in the Staffordshire Moorlands took the brunt of the bad weather with snow drifts blocking many roads and temperatures plummeting to a low of around -7. Crews also supported utility companies and other agencies as they worked to restore power supplies and support stranded residents.

“It looks like the colder weather will be with us for a few more days this week so again I’d like to remind motorists to please do all they can to keep themselves and other road users safe. Regardless of whether a road has been gritted, people need to slow down, drive to the conditions and allow more time for their journeys.”

On routine winter days and nights gritting teams will be focusing on the major routes and extending to the wider network in prolonged ice and snow conditions. People can find out more about where the teams grit and how to prepare for winter at

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