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Help keep Covid out of school

Staffordshire parents can play their part in minimising the spread of Covid-19 when schools return next week.

Most local schools and academies are due to reopen on Monday for the first full term since Covid-19 restrictions and free rapid testing ended in England. Residents are now encouraged to be careful and considerate by getting vaccinated and taking sensible precautions that protect others from catching Covid.

People who develop symptoms of Covid are urged to stay at home if they can and avoid contact with others until their symptoms have passed.

Cabinet Support Member for Public Health and Integrated Care, Dr Johnny McMahon, encouraged parents to exercise similar caution if they think their child has coronavirus:

“We know schools are places where Covid-19 can spread rapidly, and the last thing we want is for an ill child to take it into school meaning more children then take the virus home and potentially put family members at risk, particularly elderly relatives or those with health conditions.

“If your child is feeling unwell, the sensible thing to do is to keep them off school so they can get better and avoid spreading infection to their classmates and teachers. This plays a huge role is stopping the virus reaching the wider community and making more people ill.”

Anybody aged 5 years old and over is now eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine which means many school-aged children will be able to get a dose and get protected.

Parents can find out more information on how to book a vaccine appointment for their child at or by calling 119.


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