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Help shape the future of the Peak District

Can you help shape the future of the Peak District National Park?

The Peak District National Park want your help to decide the most important issues facing the Peak District, so they can inform the next National Park Management Plan.

The National Park Management Plan is a statutory plan and a partnership plan. It sets out how all those with a responsibility for the National Park will work together to conserve and enhance the National Park’s special qualities and provide opportunities for all to enjoy these special qualities.

The seven special qualities of the National Park are:

  1. Beautiful views created by contrasting landscapes and dramatic geology

  2. Internationally important and locally distinctive wildlife and habitats

  3. Undeveloped places of tranquillity and dark night skies within reach of millions

  4. Landscapes that tell a story of thousands of years of people, farming and industry

  5. Characteristic settlements with strong communities and traditions

  6. An inspiring space for escape, adventure, discovery and quiet reflection

  7. Vital benefits for millions of people that flow beyond the landscape boundary

The Management Plan is not a plan for an individual organisation or group but a plan for the place. It is, therefore, a partnership plan. It describes what the main issues and priorities are for the National Park. It then sets out how, together, we are going to tackle those issues


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