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Homes for Ukraine sponsor payments increased

Staffordshire sponsors involved in the government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme will received increased ‘thank you’ payments for guests who have been in the UK for over a year.

The government has announced that payments for the second year of sponsorship will now be £500 per month, rising from £350 per month initially. This will also apply to refugees who have been rematched with a new sponsor after a year of being in the UK.

As the war in Ukraine continues, payments will also be extended from 12 months to 2 years so guests can stay in sponsorship arrangements for longer.

Already, nearly 800 Ukrainians have made Staffordshire their home since the invasion of their homeland in February 2022. More than 600 of these have chosen to remain with sponsors in Staffordshire.

And this month, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet has given the go-ahead for a dedicated resettlement team to be set up, that will work on the Homes for Ukraine scheme and broader resettlement issues.

Staffordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Communities Victoria Wilson said: “I know that this will be welcome news to the 100s of sponsors in Staffordshire who have selflessly given up their homes and other accommodation to help Ukrainians fleeing the war in their home country.

“As the war continues, it is clear that longer term plans are needed, so the news that payments will be increased and extended will reassure the many sponsors we have in our county. With cost of living pressures increasing, the increased payments will also help sponsors continue to help Ukrainian refugees while ensuring their selflessness and generosity will not put them out of pocket.”


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