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Karen Bradley MP Column 26.09.22

An MP’s job is sometimes a strange mix of routine and variety. Parliament usually has as a regular structure for Monday to Thursday, but with the recent sad events, Parliament did not sit during the period of mourning and therefore last week only saw two days of business with MPs back in Westminster swearing an oath of allegiance to our new King, Charles III on Wednesday before Parliamentary business could resume on the Thursday.


The Houses of Parliament are full of tradition and history and the many people who have visited Westminster Hall in the past, will be aware of the many Kings and Queens and other important people, who together with the late Queen, had their lying in state there. When I do tours of Parliament for constituents who come on one of my coach trips, the plaques on the floor in Westminster Hall are always something that I like to point out.


I am also sure many of you will have seen over the last couple of weeks, the part played by important Parliamentary figures such as Black Rod, the Lord Speaker and the Speaker of the House of Commons, who take part in the many ceremonies and official duties required by Parliament on official occasions such as the State Opening of Parliament and more recently the death of the monarch.


We also have a new Prime Minister and I think we will all remember the last photos of the late Queen in Balmoral, frail but determined to do her duty and officially ask her new Prime Minister to form a Government.


We have new Secretaries of State and new Ministers and as a back bench MP, please be assured that I will be lobbying them to make sure they are aware of the many issues that you raise with me.


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