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Karen Bradley MP Column 30.01.23

Since first being elected MP in 2010, I have always looked for opportunities to bring investment into the area. I want us to have the best public services and facilities possible. The Government’s Levelling Up Fund is just one of a number of sources of money so I was pleased to be able to support the bid made by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council for improvements to Leek.

I lobbied hard, including asking the Prime Minister directly to support the bid, so was thrilled when it was announced that just over £17 million has beenawarded to us. This success was only possible thanks to the Town Council and District Council coming together, and then asking for my support as the MP and I pushed really hard to secure this bid.

Ministers said they were impressed both with the quality of the bid and the level of support that was shown from across the political spectrum. One of the conditions of the bid was being able to show that the money can be spent quickly and that the promised improvements will be delivered in as short a time frame as possible. This means we will all start to see the benefits soon.

Of course, this is not the only money that the Government has given to the Moorlands. I am on the board of the Staffordshire Moorlands UK Shared Prosperity Fund, which has a total of £5.5 million to be spent across the whole of the District. I will make sure that this money is spent wisely and that benefits will be seen across the Moorlands.

I am also hoping that councillors will come forward with proposals when future funding opportunities come up. We cannot benefit from Government support if we don’t bid in the first place.


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