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Karen Bradley MP - Update 11th April 2022

Many of you have contacted me regarding the terrible refugee situation in Ukraine and neighbouring countries so I am pleased to be able to announce an initiative that pairs the town of Bieruń in Poland with Biddulph.

A few weeks ago, I represented the UK at an international conference for parliamentarians from around the world. At the conference, the UK delegation met the Polish delegation, and we were all shocked by the overwhelming situation for towns and villages in Poland who are now hosting hundreds and thousands of Ukrainian refugees. Most of the refugees want to stay as close to home as possible and our friends in Poland need our help.

Senator Gabriela Morawska-Stanecka asked whether there were any UK towns that might want to partner with towns in her constituency in Poland and I was so proud when Biddulph stepped in to offer the town’s services and resources.

On Friday we held the first call between the Mayor of Biddulph, Cllr Sylvia Rushton and her opposite number in Bieruń, Krystian Grzesica. Hearing their stories, it was impossible not to be moved.

It is hard to imagine but at the moment, this town, which is similar in the size to Biddulph is home to around 530 refugees.

Sarah Haydon, from Biddulph Town Council, is now in contact with her equivalent in Bieruń. They will let us know what they need both to help the Ukrainians who are now safe in Poland and to get vital supplies to the Ukrainians left behind.

I know how much work is going on around the Moorlands providing support to the Ukrainian people, wherever they are. I visited Bank House in Leek on Friday to see the supplies that are housed there ready to go to help refugees. It makes me so proud to know all we are doing.

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