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Karen welcomes announcement of £2,355,224.36 for “Moor for Climate” Phase 2 project:-

in Staffordshire Moorlands.

Karen Bradley, Member of Parliament for Staffordshire Moorlands has welcomed the announcement from the Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs(DeFRA) that the Moor for Climate Phase 2 project taking place in the Staffordshire Moorlands constituency has been awarded £2,355,224.36 as part of DeFRA’s Nature for Climate Peatland Grant Scheme (NCPGS) Round 3.

The Moors for the Future Partnership are leading this project which focuses on the restoration of three in the Peak District National Park, building on the work carried out using funding from the Nature for Climate Peatland Grant scheme Discovery grant. There will be a number of activities including moorland fire prevention campaigns and sphagnum planting by volunteer groups.

Karen said,

“I am delighted to hear that the “Moor for Climate” Phase 2 project has been awarded £2,355,224.36.

“Our peatlands are globally important habitats and when restored and functioning healthily, play a really important part in combatting climate change by both abatingcarbon emissions and providing a long-term carbon store. There are also wider benefits such as increased biodiversity and improved water quality.”

The Nature for Climate Fund is already providing over £33 million to restore 20,000 hectares of peatlands from the first two rounds of the scheme. The third round has just concluded and over £16 million is being awarded to twelve projects across England, including the Moor for Climate Phase 2 project.

The Government has committed to restoring and protecting our peatland, and today’s grants help deliver another step towards that as set out in the Environmental Improvement Plan. The aim is to restore approximately 280,000 hectares of peatland in England by 2050.


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