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Local Charities Eggs-pectations exceeded with donation from car dealer group.

Swansway Easter Patrol sees the car dealer group donate Easter gifts to charities across the UK including Staffordshire-based charities The Gingerbread Centre and Staffordshire Women’s Aid.

For many, Easter is a time to celebrate new beginnings, it’s a time of looking forward with a sense of hope. For many children, they associate this time of year with the treat of an Easter Egg and the fun of an Easter Egg Hunt, but due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, this will be a difficult time for many families.

Working closely with their well-established charity partners across the UK, Swansway has returned with its Easter Patrol, donating Easter Eggs or essential items to those in need. These donations range from Easter Eggs, Easter-themed crafts and gardening supplies, to essential toiletries, household items and food.

Swansway continues to take a considered approach to its charity efforts, understanding that the needs of each of its charity partners differ and that these needs can change over time.

Having developed strong relationships with Staffordshire-based The Gingerbread Centre and Staffordshire Women’s Aid, Swansway liaised directly with the charities on behalf of its Stoke Audi, Stafford Audi, Stafford Land Rover and Motor Match Stafford retailers to collate a bespoke list of donations, with the understanding that each charity should receive items that suit their individual needs.

Charlotte Almond, Chief Executive at Staffordshire Women’s Aid commented;

Swansway Motor Group Director David Smyth summarised;

“As always, our aim is to support our charity partners in a way that best suits them, tailoring our donations is one way that we can achieve this. What’s most important to us is seeing the smiles on the faces of those we have helped.”

“Huge thank you for the wonderful donations we received from Swansway

Motor Group as part of their Easter campaign. They’ve donated pots and pan

sets, and some gardening supplies for children - all wonderful and very


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