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National Park visitors urged to have a safe and sustainable solstice celebration

Cultural heritage experts from the Peak District National Park, local authorities, landowners and the emergency services have come together to call for responsible visiting to heritage locations within the Peak District during the summer solstice. The ask comes as the government confirms that current Covid-19 restrictions will remain in place for up to a further 4 weeks to the 19 July, including limits on large groups meeting outdoors. Those planning a visit to heritage sites such as stone circles are being urged to consider not only the current Covid-19 restrictions, but potential long-term damage caused to structures and buried archaeological layers. Fires, litter and unauthorised camping and parking have all been features of previous solstice gatherings in the Peak District. This year more than ever, those attending are being urged to ‘know before you go’ and plan ahead for aspects such as transport, weather and food, ensuring all litter generated on site is taken home. With many heritage features at these locations dating back 4,000 years or more, archaeologists stress that damage may often be irreversible – even if caused accidentally. Some sites will see patrols from the police, fire service and National Park rangers during the solstice period, with agencies asking visitors to ‘respect, protect and enjoy sites in a responsible way that leaves no trace, allowing new generations to explore the same sites in future.” More can be found at


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