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Another new service brings professional hearing care within the reach of all local residents, no need to travel as it’s on the village doorstep in the unique Garden Therapy Lodges at the library!

As many residents know getting a hearing test can be a problem and as a result there are a large number of people who are not receiving the service they need. This can lead to social isolation, particularly in elderly people, and there’s evidence that the use of hearing aids can reduce the risk of dementia.

The Werrington Wellbeing Centre is delighted to announce the launch of a new service which will be operated by Ridgways one of the leading specialists in hearing care. Chairman of the Werrington Community Volunteers David Shaw said that he was particularly pleased to “hear” the news as he is a Ridgway’s client and has benefitted greatly from their service so everyone can book with confidence.

David went on to say – “This is yet another milestone in our mission to provide as comprehensive a service as possible, having mounted over 2,000 wellbeing activities since the group saved the library from closure nearly five years ago. We are delighted that we can now offer this service and are particularly pleased that we are being partnered by Ridgways who have such an excellent reputation”

The alliance comes after Craig Sandbrook, whose wife Wendy is Wellbeing Coordinator at the Werrington Wellbeing Community Voluntary Group, visited Ridgway’s Hearing Care, in nearby Endon, to have hearing aids fitted.

Alison Ridgway said that she was pleased to be able to bring a fully comprehensive service to Werrington, working with the volunteers, and to be able to operate in such a lovely environment.

Alison Ridgway owner of Ridgways Hearing Care who has joined forces with the Werrington Community Volunteers

As a result Ridgway’s Hearing Care has joined forces with the volunteers to offer appointments in the charming environment of the Garden Therapy Lodges at the Werrington Community Library and Wellbeing Centre which have won national recognition.

Werrington residents can simply call Ridgway’s Hearing Care, which also has premises in Endon and Newcastle-under-Lyme, to arrange an appointment.

There are no introductory fees and following your first visit you will get the expert advice you deserve and it’s easy to make a date – just call Ridgways on 01782 622545.


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