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New partnership to tackle climate change marks its first year

Getting Staffordshire’s councils working together, delivering on ten pledges to make the county sustainable and a new plan with local communities to help combat climate change.

These are just some of the successes of the Staffordshire Sustainability Board in their first year.

The partnership was created in 2022 to encourage closer working between council leaders and chief executives to reduce Staffordshire’s carbon emissions and reach net zero.

Notable achievements include, putting electric vehicle plans at the forefront of the agenda, with each local authority taking a plan through their respective cabinet processes.

Other successes include engaging with the Staffordshire Climate Commission to engage with local businesses and community groups as well as developing a plan for a series of roadshows to take place during the Summer to engage with the public around climate change.

Chair of the Staffordshire Sustainability Board, Simon Tagg, said: "We are pleased with the progress made by the board in its first year of operation.

“We have achieved many successes, and we have also learned valuable lessons that will help us to continue to promote sustainability and reduce the county's carbon footprint in the years to come.

“We have been engaging with the Staffordshire Climate Commission, local businesses, and community groups to work on environmental improvements and awareness. We look forward to continuing to work with local authorities, businesses, and community groups to create a greener, more sustainable future for Staffordshire.”

As the Staffordshire Sustainability Board continues to work towards its 10 pledges, it aims to make further progress and achieve greater successes in promoting sustainability in the county.

The first public meeting of the SSB is taking place on Monday 20th March 2023 at 2pm and people will be able to follow along live here.


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