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New police dog and handler spring into step in dog unit

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

A three-year-old English springer spaniel and his experienced handler are the latest duo to join the force’s police dog unit.

Police Dog Pablo and PC Craig Neeson have been working hard on the beat after passing their intensive 10-week training course earlier this month.

PD Pablo moved in with PC Neeson back in August and has impressed with his worth ethic and energy to impress. They both received their licenses and were presented with a certificate by Chief Superintendent Emily McCormick on Thursday (24 November).

It’s not the first time that PC Neeson has taken a police dog through training either. He joined the unit back in 2018 and still works with his General Purpose dog PD Kev.

He can now count on PD Pablo to locate and identify a number of different explosive substances whilst on duty. He’s able to search cars, buildings and different terrain and signal PC Neeson if he’s identified anything of interest.

“It’s very cliché, but I’ve always wanted to be a dog handler,” said PC Neeson.

He joined the force as a response officer in Hanley in 2014 and spent most of his spare time with the dog unit.

“I was fortunate enough to work with PD Kev and became a fully licensed handler in June 2018 – but I’m still learning so many things to this day.

“I’ve got four years’ experience with police dogs under my belt but the recent course has certainly been a challenge. It’s lucky that PD Pablo is such a great dog. He’s been so eager to impress and has taught be so many things in this sport space of time already.”

“I’m delighted that I’ve now got another colleague to work alongside who I’m sure will continue to teach me a thing or two along the way and ensure we keep our communities safe.” Staffordshire Police are currently recruiting for a number of staff and officer roles. To read more, visit: Careers | Staffordshire Police


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