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New Staffordshire County Council Cabinet announced

The new Cabinet to lead Staffordshire County Council as the country emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic was confirmed at its annual meeting today (Thursday 20 May).

This year, Full Council was held at Rising Brook Baptist Church in Stafford to allow social distancing to take place. At the meeting, Alan White was elected as Leader and Philip White was confirmed as Deputy Leader. Dr Johnny McMahon will continue to lead on the public health response to the pandemic.

Alan, who was reappointed as Leader of the council, said: “There are some new faces in the Cabinet and indeed in the council today, which is bringing a renewed energy and an even greater purpose to do more to champion this fantastic county and make it an even better place to live and work.

“The Covid health crisis has seen partners work closer together than ever before and has demonstrated that we can find and deliver proactive, credible solutions which work best for this county.

“We are determined to build on this and bounce back from this pandemic to grow a stronger local economy, create more jobs and opportunities for learning and training, find affordable solutions to improve our roads and give people and communities the tools they need to lead independent, healthy and fulfilling lives wherever possible.”

The full Cabinet is:

  • Leader of the Council – Alan White

  • Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economy and Skills – Philip White

  • Cabinet Member for Health and Care – Julia Jessel

  • Cabinet Member for Environment, Infrastructure and Climate Change – Simon Tagg

  • Cabinet Member for Commercial Matters – Mark Deaville

  • Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport – David Williams

  • Cabinet Member for Finance & Resources – Ian Parry

  • Cabinet Member for Communities and Culture – Victoria Wilson

  • Cabinet Member for Children and Young People – Mark Sutton

  • Cabinet Member for Education (and SEND) – Jonathan Price

Support Members with specific portfolios

  • Cabinet Support Member for Public Health and Integrated Care – Johnny McMahon

Paul Snape was appointed as Chairman and Phil Hewitt the Vice Chairman of the county council

Charlotte Akins remains Leader of the opposition group and Syed Hussain has been appointed as Deputy Leader of the opposition.


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