Patients urged to attend Macclesfield A&E only if absolutely necessary

People are being urged to only go into the Accident and Emergency department at Macclesfield Hospital if absolutely necessary. The hospital’s A&E services have become very busy in recent days. As a result, East Cheshire NHS Trust is reminding people that A&E should only be used for major, life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Generally, you should visit A&E or call 999 for emergencies, such as: • Loss of consciousness • Acute confused state and fits that are not stopping • Persistent, severe chest pain • Breathing difficulties • Severe bleeding that cannot be stopped

For illnesses that are less urgent, people should first contact their local pharmacies, GP surgery or NHS 111. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can advise you on the best local service for the care you need.

East Cheshire NHS Trust’s GP Out-of-Hours Service can also be used for assessment, advice and treatment as required for urgent healthcare problems that cannot safely wait until your GP surgery is open. The GP Out-of-Hours Service can be contacted by telephone via NHS 111.

Local pharmacies can also offer help, advice and treatment for lots of common conditions.

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