PM announces all eligible adults to be offered third vaccine by new year

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson had tonight confirmed that the Covid-19 booster jabs will be offered to all adults before the end of December.

The original deadline for this was the end of January. The quicker rollout is being put down to the Omicron variant of the virus.

Boris Johnson said The Omicron emergency boost was “a national mission unlike anything we have done before in the vaccination programme”

Anyone eligible over the age of 18 is able to get their third vaccine before the new year.

To enable the increase in vaccine rollout some NHS appointments will be postponed until the new year.

42 military planning teams are also set to be rolled out across the NHS to assist in the rollout with vaccine clinics being opened 7 days a week with more evening and weekend appointments.

Tonight’s announcement is in addition to to the announcement of moving to plan B with people asked to work from home and more restrictions on the wearing of face coverings.

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