Police give update over ongoing incident involving nails being thrown into Leek road

Police in the Staffordshire Moorlands are still currently investigating reports of nails being thrown into the road on west street, Leek.

Over the past 12 months multiple reports have been made on social media from drivers who had their vehicle tyres damaged by various incidents on West street near to the junction of Albert street.

police have been paying attention to the area and have increased patrols in the area.

police say they haven’t received reports over the past few weeks.

a spokesperson for the Staffordshire Moorlands neighbourhood policing team said

“We wanted to update you on reports and concerns around nails being thrown in the road on West St in Leek.

Officers have been paying attention to the area with increased patrols over the past few weeks, and since that time we have not received any further reports of damage being caused.

Your local officers are well aware of the issue and will continue to patrol this area to reassure our community and address any issues.”

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