Police increase patrols during voting

Officers from Staffordshire Police are carrying out an increased number of patrols today (6 May) as the people in the region look to take to the polls.

Police will be more visible around polling stations and you may see more officers out and about on patrols.

Chief Inspector Dave Wain, who is heading up police activity on polling day, said: “The aim of our presence is to ensure that everyone casting their vote feels safe and reassured during this process.

“We will also be on hand to assist polling station staff and local authority colleagues in ensuring social distancing is maintained, face coverings are worn where appropriate, and that busy and peak times for voting run smoothly.

“I would like to encourage the public to remember hands, face and space, in line with government guidelines, and reassure them that we are there to help them safely cast their vote.”

For more information on voting in Staffordshire, visit your local authority website.

To find out more about voting during the covid-19 pandemic, visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-governments-approach-to-elections-and-referendums-during-covid-19/.

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