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Staffordshire county council say their schools not affected in RAAC closures

Staffordshire County Council say that they have not been contacted by the department for education to say that any of the schools in Staffordshire are to be closed as part of  the RAAC concrete issue that has been raised.

Yesterday the department for education announced that 104 schools would need to close or relocate pupils.

RAAC is a lightweight form of concrete. The Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS) has noted that: "Although called “concrete”, (RAAC) is very different from traditional concrete and, because of the way in which it was made, much weaker.

"RAAC was used in schools, colleges and other building construction from the 1950s until the mid-1990s. It may therefore be found in any school and college building (educational and ancillary) that was either built or modified in this time period." 

County Councillor Jonathan Price, Cabinet Member for Education said: “We have not been advised by the DfE that any Staffordshire school is included in the 104 schools that will have to be closed.

“The safety of pupils and school staff is our top priority, and we have already carried out an initial assessment on the 126 local authority maintained schools in Staffordshire. Some schools require a further assessment, which is already under way and will be completed shortly.

“The majority of schools in the county are Academy schools who are responsible for their own buildings, and we have offered advice and support to them on this issue.”


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