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999: Critical Condition: A Shropshire pensioner has bladder removed

Shropshire pensioner is living a healthy retirement thanks to live-saving surgery at University Hospitals of North Midlands.

Ena Plant , of Jackfield, near Ironbridge, had her bladder removed at Royal Stoke University Hospital after doctors diagnosed her wife bladder cancer.

The 76-year-old’s story featured in this week’s episode of 999: Critical Condition on Wednesday on Channel 5 and is now available on demand at My 5.

Today Ena said: “I was having trouble going to the toilet and had blood in my urine but there was no infection. It was only after I started to develop severe pain that I was referred for a scan that they discovered a big tumour on the side of my bladder and a smaller one inside.”

She was referred to the specialist oncology service at Royal Stoke to have non-invasive surgery using a new state-of-the-art surgical robot.

The intuitive Da Vinci Xi dual console robotic system costing £2.0 million was funded by the Denise Coates Foundation as part of their support for the development of the UHNM’s cancer services which has been delivered via an £8.4 million grant to UHNM Charity.

The technology enables surgeons to perform advanced robotic procedures using cutting-edge technology.

Ena, who now uses a urostomy or bag, said: “Mr Gommersall explained what would happen during my surgery so I was excited to be able to watch it on the television.

“The procedure itself went really well and they managed to get all the cancer and I’m doing okay now. I am always on the go and thankfully have got used to using the bag on my own so I am back in the garden and able to do my hanging baskets.”

Robotic surgery has been performed at UHNM since 2017. Urologist Mr Lyndon Gommersall who specialises in robotic pelvic cancer surgery to treat advanced bladder cancer patients and treated grandmother Ena, said: “Urology has embraced technology over the last 20 years using minimally invasive laparoscopic keyhole surgery and now robotic surgery. It has been really exciting to be able to integrate this technology in to our working lives to help patients recover more rapidly after major surgery.

“I am proud to work at UHNM in a team of surgeons that can offer cutting edge care for patients in Staffordshire, Shropshire and beyond.”


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