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REIGNING League Champions Belle Vue launch their Play Off Semi-Final against 2023 Knockout Cup Champions Ipswich at Foxhall on Thursday, September 21.

In conjunction with British Speedway media partner Warner Bros. Discovery, the first leg in Manchester was postponed due to inclement weather, and will be restaged on Monday, September 25. 

Since then the ATPI Aces have been boosted by the news that German U-21 Champion Norick Blodorn has been declared fit to race and he will take his place for the team at No.6. 

Charles Wright remains side-lined after his track crash in Poland, but a reshuffle in the Belle Vue riding order sees rider replacement in operation at No.2 for him, with Tom Brennan now racing at No.4. 

The TruMix Witches, meanwhile, remain without 2017 world champion Jason Doyle after his crash in Vojens, with triple British Champion Chris Harris set to step in for the Witches at No.5. 

In their last three visits to Suffolk the ATPI Aces have been the victors, and in the four trips prior to that they have walked away with a points deficit of 10 or less. 

Though keen to launch the defence of their league title at home, club boss Mark Lemon says his side is unfazed by the change of events and remains confident of a favourable result. 

He said: “Obviously we were disappointed to have to postpone Monday, which turned out to be the correct decision to take.

"But with the scale and importance of these Play Off meetings we didn’t want to compromise on the quantity or quality of the product. 

“Finishing top meant we chose to have the first leg at home, but we can’t control the great British weather so now we must adapt to the situation and prepare to travel to Foxhall first. 

“Having Norick back with us is a fantastic boost for the team, and with the form all of the boys are in right now I think that we can more than cover the rider replacement rides at No.2. 

“In the last three years we’ve shown our potential in Suffolk and more than once we’ve put in a highly favourable results and we going there with a belief and hope that we can make it four out of the last four.” 

Ipswich ‘TruMix Witches: Emil Sayfutdinov 10.14, Danyon Hume 4.00, Danny King (C) 7.03, Erik Riss 5.02, Chris Harris (G) 9.21, Keynan Rew 4.00, Jack Smith (G) RS; TM: Ritchie Hawkins

Belle Vue ‘ATPI’ Aces: Brady Kurtz (C) 8.33, Charles Wright R/R 6.55, Jaimon Lidsey 7.82, Tom Brennan 6.16, Dan Bewley 8.00, Norick Blodorn 5.80, Connor Bailey RS, Freddy Hodder (No.8); TM: Mark Lemon 


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