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HE race for the play offs is heating up as reigning Premiership Champions Belle Vue prepare for their second visit to Leicester’s Pidcock Motorcycles Arena on Thursday, June 15. 

The ATPI Aces have now raced each of their top flight rivals twice – once at home and once away – and moved six points clear at the top of the league standings after Monday’s win over King’s Lynn. 

Now, points are becoming even more vital in the build-up to the 2023 Play Offs in September where Manchester’s finest hope to defend their hard-won league title for the second season in a row. 

 On their last visit to the Lions’ den, they secured the two league points on offer after triumphing in their first Super Heat of the season, after drawing the meeting at 45 apiece. 

But this time, they will be at full strength when they face their opposition and Jaimon Lidsey says his side is determined not to let things get so close this time. 

He said: “It went down to the wire last time we went to Leicester, which was a bit disappointing for us considering at one point we had quite a healthy lead. 

“But that’s the nature the sport and this is the Premiership for a reason, and Leicester have shown many times that they are a strong team at home. 

“We didn’t have Brady [Kurtz] with us last time and Dougie [Ryan Douglas] came in and did a great job but it will be awesome to go there this time at full strength. 

“We’ve just got to take each meeting as it comes. We know we can put in a shift there, but we can only do our best and if that’s enough for us to get the win then it’ll be a job well done.” 

Leicester Lions: Max Fricke 8.32, Justin Sedgmen 5.35, Richard Lawson 7.54, Chris Harris 7.45, Nick Morris 6.69, Jake Allen 4.00, Drew Kemp RS; TM: Stewart Dickson 

Belle Vue Aces: Dan Bewley 8.62, Tom Brennan 5.78, Jaimon Lidsey 7.23, Charles Wright 7.06, Brady Kurtz (C) 8.41, Norick Blodorn 5.56, Jake Mulford RS; TM: Mark Lemon  

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