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Biddulph GP’s begin to administer second dose of Covid vaccine

GP’s surgeries in Biddulph have given an update on the vaccine rollout.

The surgeries are now providing priority to those aged over 55. People who fall into this category will be approached by their doctors surgery.

Second doses of vaccines are now being offered to patients who have already received their first doses of vaccines.

They are asking those who are due for their to return to the same vaccination centre for their second jab and will be contacted around a week before their appointment is due.

Biddulph Surgeries have been using Biddulph town hall as a vaccination centre.

The surgeries said

“We continue to work hard to vaccinate our patients in line with the priority groups defined in the JCVI guidance. We are currently prioritising those with an at-risk condition and those aged 55 or over. Those who fall into these groups will be contacted by their GP shortly.

We are now starting to offer routine second doses which will be given within 12 weeks of the first dose in line with guidance. To ensure patients receive the same vaccine, they are being encouraged to return to the same vaccination site for their second dose. Patients will be contacted by their GP approximately a week before their second dose is due, there is no need to contact us and doing so could prevent a patient who needs our help from getting through. Please be assured that nobody will be left behind, all patients will be invited for their second dose and vaccinated within 12 weeks. “

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