Biddulph Town mayor to take town into Orbit

Updated: Apr 1

Biddulph Town Mayor, Councillors Sylvia Rushton has announced a trip of a lifetime to put Biddulph on the world stage, or more accurately out of this world stage.

Out of 1500 shortlisted town mayors Councillor Rushton has been selected to travel in conjunction with NASA and Space X to the international space station and to take a Biddulph local capsule into low earth orbit.

The capsule will contain local artefacts from the town which will be taken into space on a Space X crew dragon capsule alongside Biddulph Town Mayor a flight commander and pilot.

Whilst on board the international space station Councillor Rushton will address the people of Biddulph via video link and urge them to donate to the mayors charities. Her trip to the space station is scheduled to last 3 days which will see her orbit the earth at least 40 times.

We caught up with Sylvia on a recent trip to the Kennedy Space centre whilst she was preparing for her voyage:


We aren’t really sending the Mayor to space but you can donate to the mayors charities by visiting Biddulph Town hall.

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