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Book a COVID-19 test

Staffordshire Moorlands Council are advising people that its important to make sure you are regularly tested for covid-19 if you need to be out and about. Rapid Covid-19 testing is available to everyone in Staffordshire.

Leek Market visitors will be able to get rapid Covid tests onsite and to take home with them on Wednesdays from 26th May until the 30th June.

One in three people who have the virus show no symptoms, and it is still possible for people who have been vaccinated to pass the virus on to others less protected, which is why everyone needs to get tested regularly, even if they have had their vaccine.

Community testing

Get tested at a community testing centre

We have a network of community testing centres across Staffordshire, making it easier than ever before to book a rapid Covid-19 test and get a result in around 30 minutes.

These are open for everybody and no booking is neccessary.

Book a test at a local pharmacy

Supervised tests are available at many pharmacies across Staffordshire. You can either walk in or book an appointment for your test.

Pop-up testing

Our four pop-up testing vans travel to different locations in Staffordshire each week to offer convenient supervised rapid testing and home testing kits to residents. This can include supermarkets, retail parks, markets, visitor attractions and car boot sales.

Collection of home testing kits

Everybody in the county can collect packs of rapid tests for home use.

Packs are available to collect from our community testing sites, mobile pop-up testing vans and many local pharmacies.

Staffordshire Libraries

From Monday 10 May 2021, people will be able to collect rapid testing kits from the following libraires:

  • Biddulph

  • Burntwood

  • Burton

  • Cannock

  • Kidsgrove

  • Leek

  • Newcastle

  • Perton

  • Rugeley

  • Stafford

  • Stone

  • Tamworth

  • Uttoxeter

  • Wombourne

National Testing Sites

People can also collect two kits from national testing sites between 2.30pm and 8pm. Testing for people with symptoms takes place outside these hours. You do not need to make an appointment.

The Government's national testing sites where collection is available in Staffordshire are:

  • Burton Town Hall

  • Keele Science and Innovation Park

  • Spinning School Lane Car Park in Tamworth

Workplace Testing

Check if your workplace offers rapid testing to its employees.

If you are interested in providing lateral flow testing in a business or workplace setting that you manage, you can find more information on our lateral flow testing page.

Home delivery of tests

Order free packs of rapid lateral flow tests to be sent to your home in England. Each pack contains seven tests.

What if I have symptoms?

Anyone with symptoms should only book a national test. Anyone who is self-isolating as a close contact should only book a test if they develop symptoms and this should be booked through the national system only.


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