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Cadets programme celebrates ten-year anniversary

A cadet scheme launched in 2013 has celebrated its tenth anniversary, with 7,500 cadets passing through the ranks.

Throughout the ten years, the programme has enabled children aged between eight and 10 years-old and teenagers aged between 13 and 17-years-old to learn more about their local force and work with local communities on projects to improve their local area.

The scheme has also allowed cadets to learn team-building skills, gain experience of working in different police sectors, attend weekly cadet meetings, participate in community and fundraising events, complete training drills and promote crime prevention initiatives.

Chris Noble, Chief Constable at Staffordshire Police, said: “The cadet programme has continued to grow year-by-year and the scheme is all about helping to develop great citizens for Staffordshire now and in the future.

“We’ve seen youngsters over the last ten years, from all backgrounds, who have grown in confidence immeasurably and play supportive roles at major events. This is what being in the cadets is all about – making a difference, helping the community, growing self-confidence and discipline.’

“It’s been humbling to see so many cadets come through the ranks in the last ten years and wanting to make a difference in their communities.”

Jake Pateman, Head Cadet at Staffordshire Police, said: “I’ve always had dreams of being a police officer and joined the cadet programme in July 2018. Immediately, I felt like I was part of a family.

“I started out as a Cadet, then went onto become Deputy Section Leader, Section Leader and then Head Cadet. In my role as Cadet, I was also a mentor helping out new cadets and guiding them through their time at cadets from day one.

“I’m very proud to be to have been part of such a fantastic organisation, where I’ve learnt key valuable skills such as: leadership, communication, time and teamwork skills.”

Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire & Rescue and Crime, Ben Adams said: “Ten years ago the Staffordshire Police Cadet scheme was created and funded by the Staffordshire Commissioner’s Office to strengthen links between the police and young people and to help them learn leadership skills, gain confidence and promote good citizenship.

“After recently meeting the Stafford and Cannock units I can certainly see the impact the cadets are making on their communities as well as the impact the scheme is making on the cadets themselves.

“The cadet scheme is a wonderful way of engaging with our local young people, especially those who are from challenging backgrounds. I am proud to see how the Staffordshire Cadet programme has encouraged other forces to adopt a similar approach with benefits being seen across the country. I look forward to seeing what is in store for them in the future.”

Anyone interested in becoming a Staffordshire Police Cadet or would like more information on volunteering as a leader, visit our website or email


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