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Care in Staffordshire set for change

Carers in Staffordshire will get easier access to advice and guidance, with the launch of a new service in April.

After getting the thoughts of hundreds of carers on how well the current services operate, the county council have remodelled services for carers so they are a better fit for their needs.

Starting on April 6, the new Staffordshire Together for Carers Service will provide preventative support for carers of all ages, including young carers in their local communities.

Registered charity N-Compass will deliver the services, working alongside several other local organisations. They will also offer emotional and practical support, befriending, peer support, training and skills development for carers of all ages.

From April 6, all carer assessments will be carried out by the county council, after previously being conducted by People Plus.

It is estimated that there are 148,000 adult carers and 1,950 young carers in Staffordshire.

County Councillor Dr Johnny McMahon, Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Wellbeing said: “By making sure the thousands of carers across Staffordshire are able to access information, advice and guidance on the support available to them, we can ensure they can continue to care for their loved ones, while also taking care of themselves and their own wellbeing. This new service puts carers needs at its heart, ensuring they have access to the emotional and practical support they need to be able to carry out their caring work, as well as making sure they can have a break from their caring to explore their own hobbies and interests.”

County Councillor Mark Sutton, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People said: “Carers make a tremendous contribution to their families, communities, workplace and society. But young carers can find it difficult to know where to go for help and support. This new service should ensure young carers get the support they need, are able to meet and socialise with other young people in the same situation as them and, most importantly, are able take a break from their caring role. We hope this new service will ensure all carers can access the support they need, when they need it, to continue their caring role.”

People Plus have held the contract in Staffordshire for over five years and their service will continue up until the 6th April.

The caters Hub team shared their thanks in a social media post

”All that is left to say is a huge thank you to all our wonderful Carers for working with us over the years and for everything you do. We are so proud we have been able to offer support to you during our time, but we are confident you will continue to receive the best possible support from your new providers.”

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