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Cheshire East Council strengthens approach to making Cheshire and Warrington fairer and greener

Cheshire East Council is leading the way on plans to make Cheshire and Warrington the fairest and greenest place in the country.


Following an increased awareness of the inequalities in society, coupled with the visible effects of climate change across the globe, the Cheshire and Warrington Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Commission was created almost two years ago.


The commission aims to move further and faster towards making Cheshire and Warrington the most sustainable and inclusive place in the UK, helping to address inequalities and climate change along the way.


Following consultation with individuals and stakeholders, the commission has released details of a number of ambitious recommendations around an inclusive economy, sustainable transport, sustainable land use and net zero in its report ‘Towards a Sustainable and Inclusive Cheshire and Warrington’.


The recommendations include:

· The full decarbonisation of all transport by 2035;

· Making current land use net zero;

· Continuing to move the food supply chain towards zero carbon;

· Working with industry and education providers to support an industrial decarbonisation workforce, and;

· Access to digital for all


Leader of Cheshire East Council, and co-chair of the Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Commission, councillor Sam Corcoran, said: “We have set out a number of ambitious recommendations that we believe will accelerate progress towards our goals of encouraging sustainable economic growth to increase prosperity and create greater equality and opportunities for all, as well as accelerating our progress towards net zero.


“We will do this by creating an inclusive economy, making our land use sustainable, making transport sustainable and achieving our net zero goals.


“So much great work is already going on to achieve these aims, but this is about us accelerating that progress and we will be working together to make that happen. We need everyone – residents, businesses and stakeholders engaged to do so.



“I look forward to working with leaders at Cheshire West and Chester and Warrington councils to accept and respond to the recommendations in this report.”

The commission will now be promoting the plan to stakeholders, residents and businesses to ensure proper collaboration on achieving its aims.


More information on the Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Commission, including a link to the full report containing all the recommendations, can be found at:


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