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Community support bid to purchase old chapel to retain community asset

The Kingsley Holt community came together this weekend to support the bid for the Kingsley holt centres bid to purchase the old Methodist chapel in order to continue its use as a community facility.

The building will soon be listed for sale and the group aim to be able to purchase the building and use it as a community centre

The community came together on Saturday morning in support of Kingsley Holt Centre’s bid to try to purchase the former Kingsley Holt Methodist Chapel to retain it’s use as a community facility.

A Kingsley Holt Centre representative said: ‘We are committed to do everything we can to ensure this important place is not lost from our community forever. We are striving to purchase it for the community to use now, for future generations and in memory of all the people in the past that have worked so hard to keep it open. We hope that it will become a real social hub for the community, and if we are successful then the Chapel building will belong to this community legally as well as in our hearts and minds.

The group say “The Methodist Church will soon be putting the Chapel up for sale and “under Charity Law and Methodist Law and policy will obtain best price for disposal of the property”.”

The group continue to seek support for their bid.


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