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Congleton Cares about Climate Change

Congleton Town Council declared a Climate Change Emergency in September 2019. A number of groups under the umbrella of ‘Congleton Green’ are working collaboratively with the council on different initiatives to help people living or working in Congleton to become more sustainable.

A spokesperson for the town council said: “We would like to reach out to the people of Congleton to work together on biodiversity and the climate emergency, no-one has the answer, but together we all need to be part of the solution. Each month throughout the rest of the year, we will focus on a different aspect of sustainability.

For April the campaign is ‘Stop Food Waste Day’ on the 27th of the month. We would like to invite everyone (residents and businesses) to create a 20-second video (filmed on a phone is fine) showing what they are doing to reduce food waste. You can share your video any time during April, on (any or all of) Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with a description and the hashtags #CongletonGreen #StopFoodWasteDay.”

As the topics change each month, in conjunction with the national awareness calendar, everyone is encouraged to film and share their 20-second videos showing what they are doing about the subject matter and post it on social media with the relevant hashtag plus #CongletonGreen. The town council will re-share the videos and will make a montage of some of them as a celebration at the end of the month.

Future months will have their own themes, for example:

May – #NoMowMay and Biodiversity

June – Cycling and Walking

July – Going Plastic Free

More information will be communicated as the year progresses. Follow Congleton Town Council on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with each of the themes and hashtags.

To help householders and businesses plan for their own carbon neutral and biodiversity programme, the council is creating a new Green Resources Centre on its website. The Sustainable Living in Congleton (SLIC) e-Learning course is available for everyone free of charge at

For more information on the Stop Food Waste Campaign visit:


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