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Congleton Partnership 21.02.23

Lifesaving Defibrillator installed at All Saints Community Centre Buglawton (Formerly known as St John’s Community Centre).

In a joint project between Congleton Partnership and Congleton Lions, a potentially life-saving defibrillator has been installed outside The All Saints Community Centre Buglawton, Old Buxton Rd, Congleton.

Around 30,000 people each year suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest, according to figures from the British Heart Foundation only 1 in 10 people survive. However, the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest jumps from 6% to 74% if the casualty is in a shockable rhythm and a defibrillator is deployed within 3 minutes, it’s vital that our communities have access to defibrillators 24 hours a day!

Each defibrillator is registered on a central database, in the event of an emergency call 999 and operators can direct you to the nearest emergency-ready defibrillator and issue you the access code, Cathy Dean, Congleton Partnership Officer commented:

“Congleton Partnership is committed to working with partners to install life-saving defibrillators at strategic points around the town, it really does save lives but it’s very important to ring 999 first in the event of an emergency and they can then provide further instruction.”

David Morris from Congleton Lions added:

“This is the 6th 24x7 defibrillator installed in Congleton part funded with Congleton Lions, unfortunately, one of them is called for approximately every 6 weeks. We are committed to installing more across the town soon. We are always keen to hear from building owners who would like to install one at their premises.”

No specialist training is needed to use a defibrillator as full instructions are given at the time of use but visitors to Congleton’s Community Health and Wellbeing Fayre takingplace on the 28th March at Congleton Town Hall are invited to take part in a defibrillator training workshop, installing confidence in your ability to use the device should you need to!

Contact Cathy Dean if you would like further information on the Health & Wellbeing Fayre


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