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Congleton Pride Celebrates 5th Birthday with Makeover

Congleton Pride is preparing to celebrate its 5th birthday on 20th July with its annual Pride event. In preparation for the celebrations the charity has a new look that will be rolled out across its website, social media and all Pride communications.


Pride worked with local agency Kanga Health Ltd, a long-time sponsor, to develop a new logo and fresh look-and-feel for Congleton Pride.

Managing Director of Kanga, Paul Allen said “We started with a workshop with members of the team, and they described very clearly what Pride is all about and what it brings to Congleton. This created a good brief for our studio team to work from, and the result is a distinctive new look for Congleton Pride.”


Mario Tuzon, Creative Lead on the project, said “It was evident from all the insights the team gave us that the personality of Pride is formed by two core archetypes – the lover and the advocate.


“The ‘lover’ cherishes connection, celebration, and inclusivity. It fosters intimate connections within the community, celebrating diversity and individuality. Congleton Pride promotes acceptance and understanding, creating a welcoming environment for all.


“The ‘advocate’ embodies activism, courage, and social justice. It stands up against injustice and discrimination, challenging societal norms to fight for the rights and well-being of the LGBTQIA+ community.


“These two combine to create the unique personality for Congleton Pride that helped me design all the elements of the new look. The logo reminds us of Congleton as ‘beartown’ and also refers to the local heritage of ribbon-making.”


Malcolm Pope, Chair of Congleton Pride, thanked the Kanga team, saying “It so hard to capture the diverse lives of our community in Congleton and then express it with simplicity in a logo that speaks both to the long history of our wonderful town, but also a bright future in which the lives of all are celebrated.


“Simply put, Kanga delivered a transformation that hit our targets. Their generosity in doing this for free is humbling, we thank them for their ongoing support and celebration of Congleton Pride”.


The new logo can be seen flying from Congleton Town Hall from 1st June for Pride Month, and T-shirts and other merchandise featuring it will be on sale at the Maker’s Market on 29th June.


Congleton Pride’s main event is on Saturday 20th July. For more information go to or visit @CongletonPride on Facebook.


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