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Congleton Town Council calls on residents to support the White Ribbon Campaign to eradicate violence

In the light of recent events and the outcry following the murder of Sarah Everard in London, Congleton Town Council’s White Ribbon Group is encouraging all residents of the town to join the effort to end male violence against women. The Town Council became White Ribbon Accredited in September 2020. Its White Ribbon objective is to ‘eradicate all forms of gender-based violence and abuse from Congleton’.

These events are not confined to big cities; Congleton has, on average, one incident of sexual violence reported to the police every week, and an incident of domestic violence every day.

Cllr Kay Wesley, Chair of the Community & Environment Committee and a White Ribbon Group member, said “These figures are shocking but they are only the tip of the iceberg. The evidence shows that victims often live with domestic abuse for years before they seek help, and a third of sexual violence victims never tell anyone what has happened to them. It is important that survivors feel able to come forward and speak about their experiences and that these crimes are taken seriously.”

Congleton Town Council is working to reduce abuse and violence with its White Ribbon Campaign and by setting up a weekly Congleton Domestic Abuse Clinic, working with service provider My Cheshire Without Abuse (myCWA) and with Cheshire Police.

Chair of the White Ribbon Working Group, Cllr Robert Hemsley, said “I’d like to encourage all the men of Congleton to come forward and sign up as White Ribbon Ambassadors. It is important that we change the conversation from ‘women should keep themselves safe’ to ‘men should not attack women.’ Only men can do this, by challenging the behaviours that lead to abuse and violence. We know that not all men are violent, and we know that men can be victims too, but even with a male victim the majority of perpetrators are male. More than 92% of murderers in the UK are men. This is not about blaming all men, but all men have an important role to play in helping solve the problem.

“White Ribbon is about encouraging men to talk about these issues and to challenge toxic masculinity whenever they encounter it. Men listen to other men. If you are an employer, a sports coach or just an ordinary bloke that wants to help, please get in touch and work with us.”

For more information and to sign up as a White Ribbon Ambassador, see:

For help and support contact:

Domestic Abuse Helpline and Congleton Domestic Abuse Clinic (women and men): 01270 250390

Rape Crisis: 0808 802 9999

Men’s Rape Helpline: 0808 800 5005

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