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Council launches ‘Wish for you the world’ fostering recruitment campaign

Cheshire East Council has launched a heart-warming winter campaign to help recruit much needed foster carers.

With more than 520 children and young people in the care of the local authority, the council is reaching out to residents asking if they will consider becoming Cheshire East Council foster carers.

Councillor Kathryn Flavell, lead member for children and families, said: “Children and young people spend time with foster families for different reasons, and many children who need fostering have sadly been through some very traumatic experiences.

“We want the very best for all of our cared for children and young people. Along with our one hundred and twenty fantastic foster carer households who give them so much support, we really do wish for them the world.

“If you have the time, patience and understanding to safely care for a child or young person and can work alongside other people in the child’s life, then please do take the next step and find out more. Our fostering service are waiting to hear from you and will happily answer any questions you might have."

Permission to use ‘I Wish for You the World’ music track for the fostering video campaign was kindly given by singer-songwriter and musician Alistair Griffin and publisher Sentric Music. His songs have been used to montage some great British sporting events including Wimbledon, the Olympics, FA Cup, and the British Open golf.

To view the short fostering film, go to the council’s YouTube channel

Cheshire East Council welcomes enquiries and applications from people from all walks of life irrespective of marital status, sexuality, religion, ethnic background, whether you have your own children or not, or if you own or rent your home as long as you have a stable tenancy.


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