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Council staff take part on Carbon Literacy training

One of the hot topics world leaders attending the UN's climate change crisis in Glasgow will discuss is how to reduce carbon emissions - and here in the Moorlands the Council has set a target of being net zero by 2030.

To help understand what that means in practice and how Council operations can contribute, all Heads of Service at Staffordshire Moorlands District Council have recently taken part in carbon literacy training delivered by the Carbon Literacy Trust.

Now, to coincide with the opening days of the COP 26 conference, the Trust is hosting its biggest ever training event on Monday 1 November and the Council is urging local people and groups to get involved.

Councillor Joe Porter, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Biodiversity, said: "With the national and global attention being focused on how we can address the impacts of climate change, people across the Moorlands will be aware that reducing carbon emissions to zero is one of the main targets we and our partners are working to achieve.

"If we're to successfully meet that target it's essential that we're armed with the best knowledge and that we have the skills to deliver emissions savings. So I'm delighted that senior Council staff heading up the teams that will be carrying out this essential work have received this training.

"But everyone in the District needs to play their part as well. We know that it can be hard to understand what that actually means on a practical level so this action day is a great way to find out more about the steps we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint that will really make a difference in our communities.

"I urge people across the District to take a look at the Trust's website and, if you can, get involved in the training. The more we all understand the challenges and what we can each do to help the better - that way we'll be taking positive action and doing our bit to improve our environment and the planet."

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